2005-2020 Tacoma IFS skid

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The time has come it's taken almost 5 years in business but I have finally found the time to design a set of skids that holds true to the BAMF name! In my experience wheeling 3/16th plate is not enough for skids for true rock crawling and don't get me started on Aluminum so this skid will be offered in .250" and .250" only! So buy your second skid first and by BAMF! Here is the IFS skid for the 05 to 17 Tacoma they are pure beast constructed from 100% .250" A36 plate steel CNC laser cut and CNC formed with gussets welded to the front and rear section to make this one of if not the strongest IFS skid on the market today. Even the 1.5" tube risers for mounting are .250" wall tubing no expense was spared when designing this skid. We bent the sides to 90 degrees and still tuck it with in a 1/2" to the diff I've seen lots of other skids with the sides only bent to 45 or 60 degrees that leaves it weak and easier to bend we took the flanges to a full 90 and made them much larger then most companies do creating a solid support for your truck. as the .250" plate and tall 90 degree sides were not enough we brace the front bash plate with .250" gussets a common failure point on most skids. We also took it one step further and making the 90 degree webs on the front bash plate and the bottom over lap just right for us to weld the two together creating yet another brace something that no one I have seen does.

Buy your second skid first buy BAMF you will thank us later!

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