ORI Struts

Specifications: Dual pressurized chamber design for unmatched body roll stability in fast turns, and on off-camber side hills. Can be set to mid-stroke ride height and still control body roll, and not push off. Most users dump the sway bar. With ORI’s internal features, most users also dump the external bump stops and limit straps. 3-stage velocity-sensitive compression damping Soft ride changes to firm compression damping as piston shaft speed increases.Conventional air shocks are typically set to low ride height to prevent push-off, but bottom quickly over bumps as a result. ORIs set at mid-stroke, will both suck up the bumps, and will drop out quickly over the whoops. No trade-offs in performance.Coil-Overs are set close to full extension to help reduce body roll. ORIs set at mid-stroke, are ready to react, whether to compress when hitting a bump, or to drop out in an instant over a rut, maintaining a more level, comfortable ride at speed. Tunable anywhere from firm ride to loose articulation by simply adjusting nitrogen gas pressures. Higher load capacity than conventional air shocks. Nitrogen gas charge over 2” piston can support up to 1900 lbs/strut. Compact, simple installation fits tight spaces, and replaces a lot of unnecessary hardware. Velocity-sensitive, 7-position externally-adjustable rebound damping Internal hydraulic bump stop on compression stroke Hydraulic end-of-stroke cushioning at full extension Cooling fins dissipate heat Lightweight construction Billet 6061 aluminum, stainless and high-strength carbon steel Hard chrome steel cylinder and tough 1 ¾” piston shaft Teflon-lined spherical bearings for 1/2” & 5/8” mounting bolts High pressure 5000 psi seals for extreme off-road abuse Corrosion resistant anodize outer coating ORI Struts do not Unload, or Push Off Piston shafts can be set to extend to a park position, then wheel and axle weight can still pull the struts to full extension.