2016 Plus Toyota Tacoma Rear Diff Skid 8" - SR SR5 & Sport Models Only

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Part Number:200-2

Introducing the relaunch of the BAMF diff skid, the first production part designed back in 2010. Taking it back to the drawing board, we spent a year of R&D and now have the strongest, tightest fitting diff skid on the market today for the Tacoma platform with a total loss of ground clearance of no more the 5/16".

This skid fits the 8" diff from 2016 to 2021 SR SR5 & Sport models only. (With the Diff drain hole on the driver side) Modification to the gas tank skid may be needed for the skid to clear - be sure to check clearance of the gas tank. The tank is mounted with straps and may need to be slid forward 1/4" or so to clear the skid at full stuff. 

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