2016 plus Hybrid front bumper

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No Hoops
Center hoop (low) [+$99.95]
Center hoop (full height) [+$129.95]
Bare metal
Powder coated black [+$300.00]
Lower bash plates
No Bash plates
Steel two small plates [+$40.00]
Aluminium two small plates [+$65.00]
Steel full plate [+$89.95]
Aluminium full plate [+$149.95]
Fog Lights
No lighting I have that covered
Bajadesigns Squadron SAE Fog Light Kit (AMBER) [+$295.00]
Bajadesigns Squadron SAE Fog Light Kit (White) [+$295.00]
BajaDesigns 6 fog kit 4 Squadron SAE and 2 S1 pods White [+$798.00]
6 fog kit 4 Squadron SAE and 2 S1 pods Amber [+$798.00]
30" Light bar
No lights i have that covered
Bajadesigns 30" S8 White Combo Beam [+$849.00]
Bajadesigns 30" S8 Amber Combo Beam [+$849.00]


With Hybrid bumpers being all the craze these days just about every company offers one,  We felt it could be done better, stronger and cost you less all at the same time. We took the solid cradle design of our Alumisteel bumper modified it slightly with 1.75"x.120 wall DOM wings. I'm confidant to say this is one of the strongest Hybrid bumpers on the market.  The winch cradle is constructed from .250" HRPO A36 steel. Gusseted and keyed together for Superior rigidity this cradle is pure beef. It's clamped to the frame with our reinforcement brackets  Locked down with  six 1/2" grade 8 bolts.  Coming in at under 100lbs all in and rock solid at a price that that won't make you cry. Even with the extreamly low price we do not cut corners. The wing tips and all the exposed welds on the skin are blended and palm sanded after welding for a seamless finish. The wing caps are .117" (11 gauge) HRPO welded from the under side hiding the welds and leaving you with a extreamly clean capped tube. Fog light mounts are rock solid yet still light being 11 gauge, They are formed on the ends with copes to fit the tubes and the cap for a solid attachment point wrapping the tube these light mounts won't shake, They can accept 3 cube lights. two slots for 3" cubes and a .250" hole for small cornering lights. The lower portion of the cradle has locations for removable bash plates they are add on items that can be added or swapped out as you destroy them. Offered in steel and aluminum two small pieces on each side or a full plate that covers the full span. 

All bumpers come standard with:

_.188" Steel Welded Reinforcement Brackets for worry free winching.
_ 3/4" thick D-ring mounts.
_ 30" Single Row LED light bar and triple fog light mounts on the wings

100% made in the USA  

Optional ad on items 

 _lower bash plates (replaceable as they are the main part of the bumper that will contact the ground)

_Hoops( low center hoop or full height hoop with side gusset tubes)


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