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Powder Coated Black Coal
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Brake Proportioning Valve Relocation Bracket Specs 1/4" CNC laser cut Steel we have two sizes to choose from set up for all lifts from 1" to 5.5" or 3.5" in .5" increments. 2, 5/16th"x 1" grade 8 nuts and bolts are supplied with the bracket and the stock 2 attach it to your axle shipped in raw steel or powder coated. The great thing about this bracket is if your rear springs sag over time you wont have to make a new one just move it down a notch and your good to go. Sure you can make your own for less but to make it adjustable takes a lot of measuring and time also if you have ever tried to cut 1/4" plate by hand you would buy one of these just to not do it. I'm taking out the guess work and effort to build your own at not much more then it would cost to buy the bolts and plate from Home Depot.

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