Flame King 5lb Propane tank bracket (only works with 5lb Flame King tanks)

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Bracket and single strap
Bracket and dual straps [+$18.00]
Bracket, 5lb Flame King tank & single strap [+$65.00]
Bracket, 5lb Flame King tank & Dual straps [+$83.00]
With "OverLanding" on the rise People are adding more and more to their rigs leaving little room to safely mount things like a propane tank. Flame king makes a prefect size tank for a weekend tip with the family. 

  • We are known for BEEF! so these brackets are just that without tipping the scales too bad. A single piece of Laser cut .120" cold rolled steel formed and welded with .250" indexed locations for the bottom ring of the tank.
  •  Two strap locations to double strap the tank to make sure it's still hanging on after all those dirt miles. 
  • Powder coated standard with our Poly Armor textured powder coating.  
  • The three mounting holes are 2" OC allowing easy mounting to various locations on your rig.

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